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Should we be listening to what students have to tell us?  Well, probably not, according to the NASUWT who recently compiled a dossier listing some 200 ‘disturbing’  incidents,   to justify their opposition to government  proposals to give students a  greater say in how they are taught.

I think they have got it wrong. A couple of years ago, I worked on a major London Challenge project on re-engaging disaffected students in learning. We listened to what the young people had to say and we changed the learning environment (made it  more active, more inclusive). We changed the ways in which they worked with each other (much more team work).  And  we changed the relationships between staff and students  ( much more trust and respect all round).  The outcome – happier staff, happier and much more productive students.

On May 7th students from three London schools will be speaking about issues that affect them and their education, at a research conference at the Institute  of Education. They are part of the London Lives project and have been trained to be researchers by staff at the Institute . They’ve been exploring such questions as: How does youth crime effect communities? How do  different communities integrate with each other and what does this mean for schools?

One day into a new government…. I’m sure they will have some important messages for our politicians!


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